BodyLove Bootcamp

Stop waiting to love your body until it meets some worldly ideal. You have permission to let go of body shame, food guilt, and self-doubt and start loving your body today—in this very moment! Not sure where to start? BodyLove Bootcamp is a 12-week online group coaching program that helps you set and achieve fitness goals from a place of self-love and respect. This workshop helps you embrace the body you have right now, while giving you tools to increase strength, improve energy, and build confidence.

Program Overview

This program includes:

  • BodyLove Bootcamp: 12 weeks of at-home workouts with instructional videos; over 200 unique exercises
  • Nutrition Training: 8 weeks of nutrition education for weight loss and life-long health, plus tips to help you find balance and tap into your intuition; lessons cover whole foods, macro counting, and intuitive eating (Learn more about my food philosophy here.)
  • Mindset Coaching: 8 weekly pep talks and assignments on topics such as goal setting, habit formation, body image, and more
  • Ongoing Group Support: Private Facebook group + four Q&A video conference calls
  • Private Coaching Session: One 25-minute coaching session with me to discuss nutrition, goals, and current mindset

Program Details

BodyLove Bootcamp is divided into two phases. In Phase 1, you’ll receive 8 weekly lessons that lay the foundation for your food and fitness journey. Each lesson includes five at-home workouts, weekly nutrition focus, mindset training, and an assignment to help you apply the material to your own life. Lessons focus on how to make simple, sustainable changes and provide coaching to help you cultivate self-compassion and self-love. You’ll receive ongoing support through a private Facebook group and four Q&A video conference calls. You’ll also receive a private mini session with me.

In Phase 2, you’ll continue to receive five workouts each week (but no homework) and ongoing virtual support as you apply the principles from Phase 1 in your everyday life. You’ll become more independent as you face real-world stresses and learn to maintain healthy habits under pressure. Phase 2 is intentionally scheduled to take place over the busy summer or holiday months. I’ll be available to help you navigate the transition.

BodyLove Bootcamp is more than a 12-week food and fitness program. This workshop is designed to help you make big shifts in how you think about your overall health and self-care. Lessons cover practical topics, like goal setting and habit formation, but they also cover emotional topics, like body image, self-love, and perfectionism. The primary goal of this program is to help you develop a deep appreciation for your body, while still challenging yourself and working toward your fitness goals. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn’t the right program for you. But if you’re ready to start making some big changes in how your treat and talk about your body, then let’s work together!

Now Enrolling!

Fall Session runs September 11–December 1, 2017. Space is limited. Enroll today!

Investment: $297

Bonus Offer

In addition to promotional pricing, participants may also qualify for a $100 refund by meeting the following expectations:

  • Complete 4 out of 5 workouts per week (3 full workouts, 1 time-crunch workout)
  • Post about BodyLove Bootcamp on Instagram once per month during the program (three posts in all)
  • Complete final class survey by April 7, 2018
  • Email me (1) evaluation letter, (2) "Measurements & Fitness Test Tracking Sheet," and (3) before and after photos by April 7, 2018 (photos will not be shared without consent)