Hello, Beautiful!

I’m Rachel Gainer. Wife, mother of four plus an angel, writer, speaker, and NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. I have a gift for helping smart, strong women, like you, get off the all-or-nothing roller coaster, set body-positive fitness goals, and make simple, sustainable lifestyle changes to reach them.

I’m not here to tell you how to get a six pack. (I know how; but it’s not why I’m here.) I’m here to help you love and care for your body so that you can live a healthy, vibrant life; enjoy more adventures with your family; and chase big, scary dreams with more confidence (without crashing at 3 p.m.).

I want you to feel strong, energetic, confident, and happy in your beautiful body. And I believe the path to sustainable wellness begins with loving your body right now—not 10 lbs. from now.

When it comes to health, I believe our bodies are incredible gifts from a loving God. They’re powerful, beautiful, and sacred. Our bodies aren’t just ornamental; they’re homes for our souls and vehicles for fulfilling our deeper purposes in life. Our bodies are extraordinary, in every shape and size.

I haven’t always loved my own body. I’ve struggled with disordered eating and body shame all my life. (I share my story on this podcast.) But three years ago—several years into my own fitness journey—I realized that fixing my body would never fix how I felt about myself.

So I began the difficult process of rebuilding my mindset to focus on wellness, not weight loss. I continued to work out and eat well, but I also practiced self-compassion and fought my inner critic. It took over two years, but then something changed within me, and I felt transformed. I didn’t have to fight so hard for self-love. It was simply part of my anatomy.

I created my BodyLove Bootcamp to share what I learned about wellness and self-love with other women who want to ditch yo-yo dieting and live with more body confidence.

I want this for you: to know your worth is more than your weight, to trust your intuition, and to treat your body with kindness and respect. If you want a trainer who believes in your beauty and strength, let’s work together!

5 Things I Wish I’d Known 5 Years Ago

1) Weight loss is not a cure for insecurity, body shame, or self-loathing. You won’t love yourself or your body more when you are 10, 20, 50+ lbs. lighter—unless you practice loving it right now, as it is in this moment.

2) You don’t have to want what the world wants. Just because six-pack abs are all-the-rage doesn’t mean they should be on your bucket list. It’s your body, and you get to decide what feels right for you.

3) Knowledge + Intuition = Power. Information is exciting and empowering. It gives you tools and tricks to test in your own life. But not every “proven” strategy will work for you. It’s okay to trust your gut!

4) Persistence beats perfection. Perfection is an all-or-nothing roller coaster that prevents you from moving forward. If you want to make steady, sustainable progress, you have to get off the ride.

5) No matter what the world tells you about beauty, sex appeal, or even strength, your true value lies in your individual gifts and character and what you share with others. Not in your physical appearance.

Relieved? Curious? Skeptical? Great! Dive deep on these and other topics in my BodyLove Bootcamp, a 12-week program designed to help you set and achieve fitness goals from a place of self-love.