Stories from BodyLove Bootcamp

Self-Love Is an Investment

“Self-love is something you should invest in, because it’s going to pay off in the long run. There are literally no negatives to being happy with who you are. BodyLove Bootcamp has made it possible for me to work toward a future version of myself by taking responsibility for my life. The choices I make today affect me and my daily life in the future. During the 12-week course, I showed up every day and did the best I could. I will continue to choose positivity, joy, and action toward my goals. I have loved and accepted the way my body has changed and progressed. My body is strong and capable, and I am beautiful.” ~ April

ProGress over Perfection

“I would recommend BodyLove Bootcamp to anyone looking to increase their awareness and love for themselves, despite outside influences or internal struggles. This program is a great guide for how to truly love yourself. Rachel also shares her wealth of knowledge regarding physical exercise and healthy nutrition. BodyLove Bootcamp incorporates it all into one and is a program that I can guarantee you will learn, grow, and benefit from. It may be in ways you expect, but it will also be in ways you don’t expect.

“Hands down, the most valuable take-away has been learning to love me and my body at whatever stage I am in. Learning that progressing forward is far more important than instant perfection. Learning that my journey is just that: MY journey. It looks different than everyone else’s, and that is okay.” ~ Teri

Seeing With New Eyes

“The handouts on mindset and positive thoughts were some of my favorite. I really loved the idea that ‘we have to train ourselves to see with different eyes—and that is harder than any weight loss challenge.’ I think my mind has been put at a lot more ease as I’ve tried to put on some new lenses. My favorite part of BodyLove Bootcamp was writing my personal fitness manifesto and getting down on paper what my mind truly believes and knows to be true that Instagram and Facebook were drowning out." ~ Megan

Confidence & Sustainability

“I loved BodyLove Bootcamp. This is a great program designed so you aren’t spending lots of time in the kitchen trying out a million different recipes. I was able to use what Rachel taught me about nutrition, calories, and macros to achieve my weight loss goals. I didn’t have to restrict certain food groups or only eat certain foods, so I know I can stick to the changes I have made so far and keep working toward my long-term goals. Overall, BodyLove Bootcamp allowed me to love my body no matter what. I now have the confidence to wear my bathing suit and just have fun without worrying about what I look like.” ~ Sarah

Joy in Body and Mind

“The workouts were probably my favorite part of the program. The workouts were challenging, and after many of them, I was tired and a sweaty mess, but I felt so good. I loved being so sweaty. I loved the progress I was seeing with each fitness test. I felt joy again about myself physically. That joy lead to feelings of confidence within myself. I had not felt that for some time. It was a good feeling.

“Another aspect of BodyLove Bootcamp that I really loved was the mindset training. I really didn’t realize how much I was beating myself up or talking negatively to myself about myself. With each lesson, I felt as if there was a part of me that was coming back to life. This was about seeing me for who I was right now and learning to love me for who I was at that moment. I still have hurdles to get through, but I feel more alive now, than I have for a long time. This training has probably brought me more joy on the inside than any other part of the program. It was like letting go of things that were holding me back.” ~ Wendy

Fun, Challenging Workouts

“BodyLove Bootcamp helps you learn to love yourself, while developing habits that help you take better care of yourself physically and mentally. I absolutely recommend it to others! I think the workouts are super fun, challenging, and not boring. There was such a good variety of exercises. It was fun learning new ones and never feeling like I was just going through the same motions every day. I never knew I loved weights so much!

“My favorite part of BodyLove Bootcamp was the mindset training on self-love. I’ve spent years criticizing my body, believing I didn’t deserve to feel good about myself and focusing on the negative. The lessons in this course have helped me focus on the good and the things I can work to change. I’ve learned to focus on my strengths, to see the beauty and wonder in the body I have right now! And to be able to make changes to treat this body with more respect. To hopefully continue to work to make it a body I like the look of better, but I love no more, because I already love it now. It is strong, it is healthy, it is miraculous, it is gift, and it is beautiful!” ~ Raechal

Arsenal of Workouts, Positive Outlook

“One of my goals was to get stronger. I definitely did that. But at the same time, I think I already was a lot stronger and had a lot more endurance that I thought I did. BodyLove Bootcamp pushed me to see it was there and then use that to move forward.

“Overall, I can say I am walking away with a terrific arsenal of workouts, a more positive outlook on where I am at in my fitness journey, and an attitude that lets me look in the mirror and look for the positives rather than picking on the negatives. I can move forward toward goals without beating myself up for all the things I want to change. Instead, I see how far I have come.” ~ Jen