Group Fitness Classes in Beacon Hills

Hey, neighbor! I’m Rachel Gainer, NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. I’m passionate about helping women set body-positive fitness goals and make simple, sustainable lifestyle changes to reach them. I specialize in women’s fitness, behavioral change, and sustainable weight loss solutions.

I live in north Beacon Hills in Highland, Utah, and teach group fitness classes in my basement/backyard. My classes are a hybrid between traditional group fitness (what you find at a gym) and one-on-one personal training. You get lots of personal attention from me, including tips to help you maximize your workout and reach your goals.

If we haven’t met, let’s change that! Text me at 801-556-9792 to attend my next class for FREE.

Class Schedule

WEDNESDAY at 9:30 A.M.

HIIT + Strength Training: This class provides a total-body workout through weight lifting and bodyweight cardio. Participants follow me through several HIIT circuits and other strength-building exercises. All fitness levels welcome! I provide plenty of modifications to increase or decrease intensity, ensuring that you get an outstanding workout if you bring the effort. This class will help you build muscular strength and endurance, improve core strength and stability, and increase cardiovascular endurance. Please bring a pair of dumbbells (5–15 lbs.), yoga mat, and water bottle. If you need help choosing the right dumbbells, text me at 801-556-9792. Your kids are welcome to come play.*

* I have two preschoolers who are home during this class. They play nearby while we work out. Class participants are welcome to bring their children to this class. Part of my job is to help mediate and hold small children so that you can get a great workout. If you need to take a breather to help your child, that’s perfectly fine, too! We’re all flexible and supportive of those with small children. If you’re uncomfortable with this arrangement, I encourage you to attend my Friday morning class instead.

FRIDAY at 6:00 A.M.

40-MIN Circuit Training: This class is designed to help you work up a sweat in just 40 minutes, so you can get home and get kids off to school. Participants rotate through stations that challenge every major muscle group. Exercises incorporate a wide variety of equipment, including heavy weights, stability balls, medicine balls, BOSU, TRX, battle ropes, plyo boxes, resistance bands, and more. This class will help you build muscular strength; improve core strength and stability; and increase speed, agility, and power. All fitness levels welcome! Please bring a water bottle. Must RSVP Thursday night to ensure I set up enough stations.


First class FREE; $5 drop-in; $30 for 10-class “punch pass” that works for both classes. (You don’t have to carry a pass; I keep track for you.) I accept cash or Venmo.


Here are some benefits of training with me:

  • Build strength and friendships with local women.
  • Enjoy the energy and accountability of group fitness without the gym vibe.
  • Build muscle, increase strength, and lose body fat.
  • Improve stability, balance, and coordination.
  • Try new moves and unfamiliar equipment in a safe environment, under the guidance of a coach.
  • Get personalized coaching and exercise adaptations tailored to your fitness level.
  • Bring your kids to play while you exercise; take breaks as needed, or I’ll help mediate.*


“Rachel is a very knowledgeable and careful trainer. She’s helped me understand the benefits of strength training, and I’ve gained so much confidence in my ability to lift weights. She keeps it fun, and she knows how to push me.” —Melanie Conley

“Wednesday class is a good mix of exercises in a casual setting. You can push yourself as much or as little as you want, with tons of encouragement from Rachel. Love the energy in a group setting.” —Stacy Racker